Academic Achievement Report Summary

The Academic Achievement Report describes West Middlesex Area School District student achievement data for the past five school years. The purpose of this document is to provide a record of summative data that will assist in determining the strengths and challenges of the academic program throughout the school district. An examination of data will provide the focus that will lead to further insight regarding current levels, trends, and comparisons of performance. The results of the standardized tests included in this report are:

  •  Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA);
  • Keystone Exams;
  • Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT);
  • American College Test (ACT)

Student achievement results will be the driving force for continued improvement with curriculum, instruction, local assessments and professional development plans for staff throughout the school district. The information contained in this report is an overview to be used as a catalyst for continued exploration, guiding future decisions within our district. The Academic Achievement Report serves as a basic tool to enable educators to look at trends, ask questions, and evaluate the effectiveness of our curriculum and instructional strategies.

The Academic Achievement Report will direct the goals of the Comprehensive Plan creating a blueprint to:

  • Group students for success with differentiated instructional strategies.
  • Utilize technology to support diverse learning needs and expand opportunities for students.
  • Increase participation in academic competitions and supplemental learning opportunities to enrich the student experience.
  • Prepare students with improved critical thinking and communication skills.

Administration will continue to provide opportunities to increase district collaboration and utilization of the tools available to address strengths and challenges of our students. Educators will be given opportunities to discuss curriculum concerns within and across grade levels to minimize or eliminate gaps in programming for students, ultimately accomplishing our goal of improved learning for all students. The report that follows was created by school district administration and future versions of this document will be compiled by administration, teacher and staff committees.


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