Business Office
The Business Office includes the Business Manager, Business Manager's Secretary and Payroll Coodinator. Together they fulfill the duties and responsibilies of the business office. The duties and responsibilities of the business office include but are not limited to:

Implementing the school district's financial system

Preparing annual budget and financial statements

Providing financial reports to the school board

Completing all PA Department of Education financial reports and requirements

Coordinating local, state, and federal audits

Supervising purchasing

Preparing payroll

Employee benefits

Providing financial information to district administration to aid in making appropriate decisions to benefit student learning and school operations

Business Office Staff
Mr. James Hughes, Business Manager
(724)634-3030 x1136

Mrs. Trisha Bourne, Accounts Payable/Payroll Clerk
(724)634-3030 x1135

Fax: (724)528-0380